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Guild Message of the Day - May 25th
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Vox Radix News

By: Czer - April 11th

Server First Heroic Megaera

Decapitation never felt so good.


Hunter PoV:

  • Sinïster: Something something "ahead" something something - Ivy 2013
  • Selbink: RIP "3" key
  • Savege: Nice work ladies!
By: Czer - April 4th

Heroic Tortos 25

Tons of turtle jokes, can make them all day, but none worth as much as a kill. Two heroics in two days. Good job team.


Hunter PoV:

Blood DK PoV  :

  • Selbink: "We had our Monk kiting who happens to be worst Monk N.A. so I couldn't pad meters off bats :(" pce
By: Czer - April 3rd

Heroic Horridon 25

Killed another giant blueberry boss, and alot of other things too.  Videos below:


Hunter PoV       :

Blood DK PoV  :

By: Czer - March 20th

Heroic Jin'rokh the Breaker 25

Breaking into heroic ToT by breaking the Breaker? Or something equally silly.

Either way, giant blueberry troll dead.


Blood DK PoV  :

  • Mattybaby: yay iron maiden. my favorite.
  • Selbink: i just want vent for the last 30 seconds on these kill videos gosh darnit
  • Czer: I could add some 90s bubble gum music if you'd rather Matty.
  • Lantêrn: No kill shot ? :\
By: Czer - February 20th

Heroic Empress 25

It wouldn't be a tier without killing at least one corrupted boss of some sort.

  • Conniebear: yay good job guys!
By: Czer - February 9th

Heroic Tsulong 25

We saved a bi-polar dragon and all we got was this stupid chest.

  • Mattybaby: well I trolled Arckhunter and all I got was a stupid t-shirt.
  • Selbink: me2 but i didnt get a t-shirt wtf
  • Phost: I actually want one of those t-shirts
By: Tilgare - January 17th

Server First Heroic Protectors of the Endless 25


Nice job tonight!  Seemed easy enough to me, but I got to skip some of the learning curve. ; )  Very fun fight though!


Hunter PoV  : Kill video

  • Conniebear: convalesce
  • Conniebear: numero uno
  • Mattybaby: numero NO
By: Tilgare - January 4th

Server First Heroic Amber-Shaper Un'sok 25


Well done, pals!  Took a few extra attempts for everything to fall into place, but all things considered, very good job! Way to start the New Year out strong!


Kill Video:

Hunter PoV  :

Monk PoV     :

  • Kagemarou: Yep, and we did it the Legit way! No exploting bosses for us.
  • Mattybaby: Nice work fellas
  • Mattybaby: and lady
  • Arckhunter: good work on a non exploited kill guys GG
  • Epicgrim: who's that dumb boomkin looking the wrong way?
By: Tilgare - January 1st

Happy New Year!


The world didn't end, Christmas has come and gone, and now we've broken into the new year.  Have a wonderful 2013 from (and to!) Vox Radix!

By: Tilgare - December 21st

Happy End of the World!

Here's the forecast for the week in case you've missed the news.  Look at those wind speeds. Pfew!


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