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Guild Message of the Day - May 28th
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Recruiting the following ...
If your class isn't listed above we still encourage you to apply.

Guild History

Vox Radix has been an end-game raiding guild for over 6 years now. We have achieved many server firsts in Vanilla, BC, and Wrath (including 3 Drakes, Naxx, Malygos, Immortal, Yogg-Saron, Grand Crusader, and Light of Dawn) with many more in Cataclysm.

Cataclysm Progress:

-Dragon Soul Normal - 8/8
    -Server First kills for all 25 man bosses
-Dragon Soul Heroic - 8/8
    -Server First Heroic Morchok
    -Server First Heroic Yor'sahj
    -Server First Heroic Zon'ozz
    -Server First Heroic Ultraxion 25
    -Server First Heroic Blackhorn
    -Server First Heroic Spine of Deathwing
    -Server First Heroic Madness of Deathwing 25

-Server First Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

-Firelands Normal - 7/7
     -Server First kills for all 25 man bosses
-Firelands Heroic - 7/7
   -Server First Heroic Shannox
   -Server First Heroic Rhyolith
   -Server First Heroic Beth'tilac
   -Server First Heroic Alysrazor 25
   -Server First Heroic Majordomo 25
   -Server First Heroic Baleroc
   -Server First Heroic Ragnaros

-Tier 11 Normal - 12/12
    -Server First kills for all 25 man bosses
-Tier 11 Heroic - 13/13
    -Server First Heroic Chimaeron
    -Server First Heroic Maloriak
    -Server First Heroic Atramedes
    -Server First Heroic Conclave
    -Server First Heroic Magmaw
    -Server First Heroic Omnotron
    -Server First Heroic Valiona and Theralion
    -Server First Heroic Al'akir
    -Server First Heroic Nefarian
    -Server First Heroic Cho'gall
    -Server First Sinestra
    -Server First Heroic Ascendant Council

Wrath of the Lich King Progress:
-Realm First! Light of Dawn
-Bane of the Fallen King
-12/12 Heroic ICC 10/25
-Tribute to Insanity
-Alone in the Darkness
-Astral Walker
-The Twilight Zone
-The Immortal

We completed all three Glory of the Raider meta achievements from WotLK while they were relevant.

What you can expect from us:

Loot System
We use DKP, with bonuses for server first boss kills. Applicants earn dkp and can bid on items, however raider ranked players will have priority on loot.

Raid Times
We currently raid Tues - Thurs 7pm - 11 pm MST (server time) Raid invites start at 6:45.

Bleeding Edge Content
We play to raid. We like to kill shit. We are competitive and are always striving to be better.

We don't recruit for the bench.

Guild repairs on progression content

Enchanting mats

Inappropriate humor

What we expect:

Vox is looking for raiders that have the ability to be consistent. We are looking for people that can come in day in and day out that can perform their task as expected (i.e not doing 5k dps one day and then 10k dps another)

We are looking for players that are passionate about the game, that like to theory craft and read up on their class and current content. People that are not easily discouraged or take being called out as a personal attack. Raid members should approach the last attempt of the night with the same focus as they do to the first. Lastly, LEARN from your mistakes, and the mistakes of others.

We expect all of our members to show respect to other players in guild and outside of the guild. We have a 0 tolerance policy for large egos and elitist attitudes.

80% attendance is required for Raider rank. If you are unable to make a raid and RL happens we expect you to post on our forums.

We expect you to optimize your spec, gear, and consumables for the highest possible output. This should be a given.

Sense of Humor
We realize a lot of this post probably sounds sterile. The point of this game is to have fun, and fun we have. We hope that our... shall we say "not-so-politically correct" sense of humor won't offend you! When you join our guild, we reserve the right to assign you a race, religion, or color as we see fit.

This application is our first impression of you. If you expect us to take your application seriously, then we expect you to take your time and thoroughly answer each question (yes, I know the text boxes get cramped - the app looks best in Google Chrome). If your application consists of things like, "lolz rotation? i liek use mah spells and stuff. here is an armory link instead of a log," you are only hurting yourself. Proper grammar and punctuation go a long way - after all, you didn't learn all of that for nothing. We don't need a novel, but we need to understand how you play and who you are. If I haven't scared you off, then click apply and get cracking!

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